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CMR is the leading provider of funding and management support for small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs 

  • Established 1984 CMR is the leading venture capital, management support and business services provider for small to medium-sized businesses - linking excellent management skills with the substantial financial resources of a global bank of private investors.
  • CMR has over 450 senior executives, operating in the UK, USA, Europe and globally, providing both funding and specialist help for entrepreneurial businesses. 

For Businesses CMR provides excellent resources:

  • CMR FundEX Business Exchange - gives all companies & entrepreneurs direct access to CMR's global investor base.
  • CMR Catalyst Group Programme - transform profitability through merging.
  • CMR Company Sales Division helps owners to exit at the best price.
  • CMR Corporate Recovery Division - experts in rescue and turnaround.
  • CMR Technology Licensing Division - commercialising innovation.
  • CMR Executive Professionals - management support and consultancy.
  • CMR Executives-on-Demandâ„¢ Fully experienced senior executives available quickly and cost effectively.

We always welcome contact with new business clients- please get in touch - we will do our best to match your needs and exceed your expectations.

For Investors
  • Preferential access to new opportunities for investment and/or acquisition
  • Pre-vets propositions and provides a personalised service to our investors
  • Syndication service enabling investors to link together as desired
  • Executive and management support for investments as needed
  • CMR's services to our investors are not only fast & efficient but also free 

We always appreciate new members- you are welcome to join as an investor or as a CMR Executive.

When you join us as a Senior Executive:

  • CMR's strength is in the skills and experience of our executive members - all senior, director level people with years of successfully running and managing companies.
  • Because the demand for CMR's support and services is ever-increasing, especially as we enter recessionary times, we have a growing need for more high calibre executives to join us from every industry and discipline.
  • You will be using your considerable experience to help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to grow profitably.
  • We offer full training and mentoring support to help maximise potential.

We are always keen to find more high calibre senior executives in all areas- skills and location.   Make contact with us today and maximise your opportunities.





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FundEX is CMR's worldwide stock market for small to medium sized companies and entrepreneurs to raise new capital.

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Sun, 20 Aug 2017 20:06:05 +0000
Afghanistan, Alt-right, American people of German descent, Climate change skepticism and denial, Donald Trump, Donald Trump presidential campaign, First 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency, Foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration, goldman sachs, Goldman Sachs, James Mattis, Middle East, Middle East, national security, North Korea, Politics, Reuters, South Asia, Steve Bannon, Taliban, The Apprentice, Trump Administration, United States, War, White House, White House
Trump To Address Nation Monday 9PM On "New Path Forward" In Afghanistan

With the anti-neocon Steve Bannon out, and nobody left in Trump's inner circle to halt the simmering push for war in Aghanistan, North Korea, the Middle East and virtually everywhere else courtesy of Generals Kelly and McMaster, this morning Reuters reported, quoting Defense Secreta Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 19:58:50 +0000
Behavioral finance, Business, China, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Davos, Day trading, Dow 30, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Economic bubbles, Economy, Economy of Shanghai, Efficient Markets Hypothesis, Efficient-market hypothesis, Equity Markets, Finance, Financial market, FTSE 100, Market Crash, Money, Nationalization, recovery, Renminbi, Share trading, SSE 50, Stock market, Stock market crashes, Stop Trading, Volatility, Yuan
China's Plunge Protection Team Holds $150 Billion In Stock, Claims "State Meddling" Stabilizes Markets

It was two years ago, in June of 2015, when just as the Shanghai Composite was flirting with 5,000 and when literally the local banana stand guy was trading stocks, that the Chinese stock bubble burst, unleashing an unprecedented selling spree, a 40% drop in just two months, and Beijing's nationalization of the stock market, courtesy of the domestic plunge protecti Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 19:30:00 +0000
Atomic physics, Bullion coins, Business, Currency, Gold, Krugerrand, Matter, Mining, Paul Kruger, Precious metals, World Bureau
Gold Coins Have Been South Africa's Best Investment For 50 Years

In the 50 years since the first Krugerrand was minted in South Africa, the gold coins have turned out to be one of the best investments in the country.

As Bloomberg reports, the Krugerrand originally sold for 27 rand (then worth $35) back in 1967. One ounce of gold is now worth 16,840 rand ($1,273), Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 19:00:00 +0000
Business, Economic bubbles, Economic collapse, Economy, Financial crisis, Foreign exchange market, Inflation, John Williams, Macroeconomics, Stock market, Structure
John Williams Warns "A Move To Impeach Trump Will Tank The Dollar"

Outspoken exposer of the establishment smoke and mirrors, economist John Williams spoke with USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter this week in a far-ranging interview from Trump impeachment to economic collapse and from the demise of the dollar to physical gold ownership as the "ultimate hedge."

A big factor in the dollar’s value is political stability or the perceived political stability. Right now, you have a circumstance in Washington where there is tremendous political discord. I can’t remember seeing anything like this in the past.


The President has effectively had his options shut off in terms of moving the economy. I was looking for him to get elected because of the weakness in the economy. . . . This intensifies the problems for the economy, but I can tell you right up front it’s a big negative for the dollar...


If you have a move for impeachment for the President, that will tank the dollar.

It appears the trend is in place for sure...

What does John Williams’ gut tell him to do before this Fall?

Williams says,

I would be out of the stock market, and I’d have my money in gold. I mean physical gold, physically owning the gold...


Suppose the things I am looking for begin to break. You may see rioting in the streets. You may see disruptions in the supply chains to grocery stores...


Gold is the ultimate hedge against all the craziness in the world and very bad financial markets, dangerous currency markets and bad inflation.  Physical gold is the ultimate hedge because it retains its value over time... I have been looking for it to go higher, and it is going to go a lot higher as the circumstances deteriorate."

Williams conclude rather ominously...

"As the dollar plummets, so will U.S. stock prices. They are heavily supported by the influx of capital from abroad...


Given the underlying fundamentals in the markets and in the economy, I think all the components are in place for one of the great financial panics of all time."

Judging by the recent moves in markets, they are inching that way...

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 18:30:00 +0000
Alt-right, American Conservative Union, American people of German descent, Bannon, Breitbart News, Business, Congress, Conservatism in the United States, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump presidential campaign, Government Accountability Institute, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Politics, Republican Party, Steve Bannon, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, United States, White House, White House
Bannon: "No Administration In History Has Been So Divided"

"Bannon the Barbarian" has been spending a lot of time talking to reporters since being fired by President Donald Trump on Friday. During an interview with Bloomberg, his first after being relieved of his duties as Trump’s chief strategist and returning to his former leadership role at Breitbart, Bannon claimed that he was going “to war” for Trump, and that he w Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 18:00:00 +0000
Censorship, First Amendment, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Freedom of speech, Freedom of speech in the United States, Hate speech, Human rights, Hypotheticals, Imagination, NRA, Politics, Reality, Rhetoric, Social Issues, Structure
America At The End Of All Hypotheticals

Authored by Ken White via,

Discussions of free speech in America are usually dominated by hypotheticals — or by slippery slope arguments, if you prefer.

The First Amendment unquestionably and broadly Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 17:30:00 +0000
army, China, Forms of government, Government, Guam, Japan, KIM, Kim Jong-un, Korea, Korean People's Army, Kwangmy?ngs?ng-3, Newspaper, North Korea, North Korea, Politics, Reuters, Rex Tillerson, Rodong, Sinmun, Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, War
North Korea Threatens "Merciless Strike" As US-South Korea Wargames Begin

Residents of Japanese coastal towns are holding evacuation drills as North Korea warned Sunday that the upcoming US-South Korea military exercises are "reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war."

Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 17:01:22 +0000
Business, Congress, Donald Trump, Donald Trump presidential campaign, Fox News, headlines, House of Representatives, Politics, Politics of the United States, President of the United States, Senate, Stop Trump movement, United States
CNN Reveals Gameplan: Remove the President Under the 25th Amendment for Being Mentally Ill

Content originally published at

Back in July, Fox News columnist, Steve Kurtz, asked the question regarding the 25th amendment: Constitution or Coup? But that wasn't the first time the 25th amendment was mentioned by democrats. They've been pining to use it to remove Trump from the day he took office.

Since the eve Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 16:55:00 +0000
Alternative currencies, Bank, Bank of England, Bank of England, Bank of International Settlements, BIS, Bond, Business, Central bank, Central Banks, Cryptocurrencies, Digital currencies, distributed ledger technologies, E-commerce, Finance, Financial Action Task Force, Financial cryptography, Financial services, G20, G7, International Monetary Fund, International Monetary Fund, Interpol, Money, Money Supply, Renaissance, South African Reserve Bank, Tax Revenue, Transparency, Virtual currency
10 Reasons Why Central Banks Will Miss The Cryptocurrency Renaissance

Authored by Eugene Etsebeth via,

Eugéne Etsebeth is an ex-central banker who was employed as a technologist at the South African Reserve Bank from 2013 to 2017. During his time at the reserve bank, he notably chaired the virtual currency and distribut Read more.....

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 16:35:03 +0000
Central Intelligence Agency, Fail, Henry Kissinger, Jamie Dimon, Oral literature, Over, Reality, Rockefeller Foundation, Vocal music
Deep State and the Path From Fantasy to Meme to Fact (sic)

Horror Vacui. Nature abhors a vacuum. So do humans. Where there is a lack of knowledge, or a lack of answers, humans will make up stuff to fill the void. That might be comforting, but it can be dangerous. It is how superstitions are created, and it also can be the genesis for everything from racism to social division, strife, and violence. It is the sort of thing that gets "witches" burned at the stake.

This place, which is to say the Comments Section, never ceases to amaze! Simi Read more.....

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